After School Snacks

When the children get home from a full day at school they bring with them a hungry appetite that needs attention.

Here are a few snack ideas that are guaranteed to keep them satisfied until dinner.

  1. Whole grain cinnamon toast points served with yogurt and berries
  2. Whole grain peanut butter and banana roll-up
  3. Fruit juice, Greek yogurt and frozen raspberry smoothies
  4. Raw vegetable sticks and hummus
  5. Whole grain crackers, cheese, turkey slices and cucumber rounds
  6. Apple and cheddar open face melted cheese sandwiches
  7. Pizza bagels with ham and pineapple
  8. Mini pita pockets filled with grated cheese, diced pickles and tuna
  9. Morning glory muffins, apple slices and cheese
  10. Apple slices spread with almond butter and dunked in cheerios
After School Snacks After School Snacks After School Snacks After School Snacks