Christmas Survival Tips

Christmas festivities are well underway and the goodies just seem to be everywhere.  If you are concerned about sabotaging your health goals by going to yet another Christmas party, here are some tips to prepare you for the next big bash. 

Don’t Save Up.  If you don’t eat before you go you will be starved upon arrival and have a hard time controlling your voracious appetite when faced with all those goodies.  Not to mention, if you starve yourself all day, your body will compensate by lowering your metabolism, making you feel tired and sluggish and ready to store your next feeding as fat. 

Don’t deprive yourself.  The next day don’t cut back too much to compensate.  Try to get back to a regular pattern of eating every 3 hours, emphasizing lots of fruit and vegetables. 

Go properly fueled.  Eat balanced meals throughout the day and ½ an hour before you go have a low calorie, high fiber snack like an apple, orange or small salad.

Mentally practice saying no.  Create strategies for declining food offers. “ I’ve had some thank you they’re delicious”.  “I’m just taking a little break right now, everything looks just fabulous.”

Don’t linger.  Have conversations away from the food table. 

Nibble on healthier stuff.  Choose more fruit, vegetables, turkey, pretzels, salsa, yogurt-based dips, popcorn, shrimp or prawns

Portion Control. If there are plates, use them.  This way you can fill your plate and actually see how much food you are eating.  Try to fill half of each plate with fruit or vegetables.  Remember: 3 handfuls of peanuts, about 4 oz contain 552 kcal, the average serving of cocktail meatballs = 160 calories, nut mix = 220 calories, nachos = 310 calories, crunch mix = 200 calories

It’s not all or none.  Avoid the mentality “I’ve already blown it…” and practice moderation instead.  Just try to do your best but enjoy yourself. 

Freshen your breath. Have a mint or gum when you are finished eating to clear the taste from your mouth

Stay hydrated.  Hold a glass of water in your dominant hand.  This way you will nibble less and drink less alcohol.

Watch the alcohol.  4 oz of eggnog and 1 ½ oz of dark rum = 265 kcal.  A couple of those are equal to the calories in one meal.

Stay Active.  Keep up your exercise routine though the holidays.  Make it a priority.  Drag other members of the family with you.

If you are currently trying to achieve a healthy body weight, aim for weight maintenance through the holiday season instead of weight loss.  This way you won’t feel like a failure and you can get back on schedule come the New Year.

Christmas Survival Tips Christmas Survival Tips Christmas Survival Tips Christmas Survival Tips