Lunchtime Tips

March is Nutrition month and this year Dietitians across Canada are inspiring Canadians with solutions to overcome some of the common challenges of “Eating 9 to 5”.

Almost half of Canadians (45%) say, that eating healthy meals and snacks while at work is challenging. One of the challenges is lunchtime! Lunches packed at home tend to be lower in sodium, sugar and fat. We also eat a smaller portion than fast food or takeout. We’ve put together the ultimate lunchtime kit with the affordable tools of the trade to make your lunch safe, and easy to consume. You’ll have no excuse not to pack your lunch!

  1. Water bottle: Water is the perfect pick-me-up to fight that workday slump. Keep it on your desk, and bring it with you to meetings and when you’re commuting to and from work.
  2. Thermal lunch-tote: Keep your food at a safe temperature in an insulated lunch bag with enough room to fit meals, snacks and your water bottle. Pop it into your work fridge, so it’s ready when you need it or keep an ice pack in it.
  3. Airtight containers: Bring a variety of food to work in convenient airtight containers. Your bread will stay intact and your lettuce crisp!
  4. Wipes/Sanitizer: Where have your hands been? From subway train bannisters to elevator buttons. Yikes! Sanitize your workstation and hands before you eat: new version of “clean eating”!
  5. Cutlery: Bring the tools of the trade (cutlery) so you can avoid eating your lunch like a cave-man! A reusable fork, knife and spoon are handy to have on hand to help you enjoy any variety of food to bring to fuel up at work. A can-opener is also great to have on hand.

Bored with the same old sandwich? Try these ideas:

  • Southwestern wrap with chicken, avocado, cheese and baby kale
  • Leftover whole grains with diced tomatoes, black beans, red onion, lime juice and hot sauce
  • Leftover roasted vegetables with lentils, feta and oil and vinegar dressing
  • Salad bowl with edamame, brown rice, corn and peppers
  • Leftover pasta with tuna, tomatoes, snow peas and pesto.

Need to eat out? Look for extra veggies, ask for sauce on the side and avoid deep fried items. Watch the portions. Ask for ½ portions, save some for tomorrow or share with a friend.

Visit www.NutritionMonth2015.ca for more ideas.

Lunchtime Tips Lunchtime Tips Lunchtime Tips Lunchtime Tips