The most beautiful and delicate little greens I’ve ever eaten appeared a few years ago on my tuna tataki. Only days later I ate some as a garnish on my soup, spicy fresh microgreens. Since then I have longed to have them as a staple in my fridge. I’ve tried growing microgreens in my kitchen, which is pretty easy to do, but it takes up space, requires sun, daily misting and sometimes looks messy. So, I was thrilled to find microgreens by Grown Here Farms sold in my grocery store, Fresh Street Market. Today I eat microgreens in my sandwiches and as the main greens in my salads. 

What are Microgreens

Microgreens are grown from the seeds of edible vegetables and herbs such as red cabbage, daikon radish, arugula, basil, kale, sunflower, pea and cilantro. Unlike sprouts which germinate in water and are 1 week old, microgreens are grown in soil and are typically 2-3 weeks old and have tiny leaves.

Health Benefits

According to The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, research shows that microgreens are extremely nutrient dense, having up to 40 times more nutrients than their more mature counterparts. Microgreens have been shown to be high in vitamin E, C, beta carotene, vitamin K and phytochemicals such as lutein. Eating a plant based diet rich in these nutrients may play a role in reducing risk for cancer, high blood pressure, Diabetes and heart disease.

Grown Here Farms

Grown Here Farms is 100% female owned and led with a Love in Love out philosophy and a mission to become a net-zero carbon footprint operation. They produce certified organic, local, fresh (delivered within 24 hours of harvesting) and sustainable microgreens right here in the Similkameen Valley. The plants are hand planted and harvested and grow to the tune of a high frequency HU tone that they believe may stimulate the plants to grow more nutrients and become stronger plants. I love it!

Eating Microgreens

  • Try the Main Street Mix for a bit of spice and added flavor or the West End Blend for a milder combination of greens.
  • Use microgreens as a garnish on a squash or tomato soup to add a splash of green.  
  • Pile them on top of a flatbread.
  • Sprinkle them onto grilled fish.
  • Blend them into your morning smoothie.
  • Use them in place of lettuce in your sandwich.
  • Add them to beet salads, green salad, or even on top of a fruit salad.
  • Pile them onto avocado and tomato toasts or roasted squash and ricotta toast using a rustic whole grain bread.
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