Recovery after the Sun Run

Feeling sluggish and sore after your runs? During your run you lose fluid and deplete muscle glycogen (energy) stores. To recover fully after a run and feel great for your next workout you need to pay attention to 3 things:Hydration, carbohydrates and stretching.

Go for 1-2 cups of water right away.

Use those aid stations. Plan and have a full water bottle waiting for you at the finish line in your car or bag for the drive home. Replacing electrolytes is not likely an issue for most people after the Sun Run. Only after 90 minutes in the heat.

Do this while enjoying your water. Your body will thank you.

Include some healthy carbs to replace your glycogen stores (muscle energy).

Tip: Don’t eat too much. A goal of 50g of carbs within the first hour of finishing is sufficient. Choose fruit such as oranges and bananas for a great source of potassium and carbohydrates.

Include some yogurt, chocolate milk or chocolate soymilk for some carbohydrates and protein.

Half a bagel with peanut butter and an orange is plenty to tide you over to your next scheduled meal or snack.

Get back to eating every 3 hours alternating meals and snacks.

Plan on having protein and carbohydrates at lunch. Go for a healthy soup with barley and beans, a salad with potatoes and salmon or a turkey sandwich. Have a fruit for snack mid- afternoon to keep those blood sugars stable throughout the rest of your day.

Plan on some active recovery the next day such as yoga or a nice walk and then get right back to your regular workout routine.

Tip: Often after reaching your goal, completing the Sun Run, people feel they need a break from training and find it hard to get started again. Don’t take too much time off. Keep up your normal schedule. It is your routine, stick with it!

Recovery after the Sun Run Recovery after the Sun Run Recovery after the Sun Run Recovery after the Sun Run