Resolve Not to Diet in 2019

This year let’s think about adding not taking away. Let’s think about fueling not starving. Let’s think about enjoying not enduring. Let’s just be sensible. No fads, no gimmicks, no short-term cleanses or disgusting detoxes. Let’s make some lifelong changes you love and want to stick with.

In order to make a resolution stick it needs to resonate with you and there needs to be a reason why you would want to make that change. Why is it important to you? It also needs to be SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. I’ve created a little list to help you get started. Choose something from here or create your own.

  1. Eat vegetables and fruit at every meal.

Why? Vegetables are high in fibre, low in calories and full of nutrients. They help to fill us up at meals so that we can manage portions of the other foods.

How? At breakfast add banana to your toast, at lunch add a butternut squash soup or kale salad, at dinner roast some brussels sprouts or add cauliflower to your curry.  

  1. Make at least 2 vegetarian meals a week.

Why? Eating less meat is good for your health and the environment. Lentils, chickpeas and beans are high in fibre, resistant starch, protein and a source of iron and magnesium.

How? Make a sandwich with hummus instead of ham, add chickpeas to tomato soup, replace chicken in stir fry with tofu.

  1. Add 1 serving of fish each week.

Why? Including more omega 3 fats is important for heart health and reducing inflammation.

How? Make a salmon sandwich with tinned salmon or have fish tacos with mango salsa for dinner.

  1. Drink 2 more glasses of water.

Why? Replacing pop and sugar sweetened beverages with water, sparkling water or herbal tea will help reduce empty calories. 100% pure fruit juice and milk are also good options.

How? Drink 1 cup of water before your workout and one big cup after. Keep water in a mug at your desk.   Bring a water bottle in your car.

  1. Swap out 1 refined grain product for a whole grain choice each day.

Why? Whole grains are high in fibre which help fill you up as well as provide a fuel to your good bacteria.

How? Have a whole grain toast instead of a white bagel, choose a whole grain wrap instead of white or sundried tomato, eat a quinoa salad or have a bran muffin instead of a scone or pastry.

This New Year make changes that are specific, measurable and doable. Write it down and revisit your goal daily. Develop a strategy to achieve the goal and get rid of any obstacles that may come in your way. Try not to think about doing this for a week or a month. Think of it as a permanent change. That way you will find a solution you like that works for you.  


Resolve Not to Diet in 2019 Resolve Not to Diet in 2019 Resolve Not to Diet in 2019 Resolve Not to Diet in 2019