Get a great cut and feel great about buying it.



A Cut Above the Rest

Want to get that roast incredibly right? Want to be the undisputed turkey master? What about beat-the-steak-house grilling? We’ll get you there. To give Vancouver a great butcher shop, we started with the people behind the counter. They’ll recommend cuts, share cooking tips and tell you everything you’d like to know about your beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, bison, pork or veal. They’ll be thrilled to uhhh … meat you.

Great Cuts from Great People and Places

Get a great cut and feel great about buying it. We carry fresh and organic meat from farmers and ranchers who are committed to both their animals’ welfare and sustainable farming practices. You’ll find AAA Certified Angus Beef and fresh pork from the ranges of Alberta and BC, veal from Quebec, and lamb, turkey, bison, and chicken from the Fraser Valley.

Product List

  • AAA Certified Angus Beef
  • Signature Series Chicken
  • Signature Series Lamb
  • BC Pork
  • BC Chicken
  • Chicken Cordons – made in store
  • In-Store marinated meats
  • Beef & Chicken Kebabs
  • Fresh Made Sausages