Ready To Eat Meals

Pick up, enjoy and skip all the cleanup.
Ready To Eat Meals



Party Platters

Perfect for all occasions, whether you're hosting a holiday party, celebrating a birthday, or attending a potluck...we've got a platter for you! Click here to view our selections. Platters available at select locations.

Ready When You Are

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Delicious, no fuss meals made every day by our foodie experts with our favourite, freshest ingredients. Pick up, enjoy and skip all the cleanup. We make all kinds of starters, sides, sandwiches, full-on entrees and desserts for the taking.

Just Like Home

Fresh, healthy and delicious homemade meals ready to eat when you’re not ready to cook. Just heat and serve. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Meat and Bread

Say goodbye to boring ham and cheese or predictable tuna. And hello to gourmet, chef-prepared or made-just-how-you-like-it sandwiches. All made with freshly baked bread and super fresh ingredients.

Famous in Japan

Cucumber rolls, California rolls and everything in between. Made daily by our sushi master for your double happy pleasure.

Ready To Eat Meals