Managing the sugar rush at Halloween

Popular belief is that sugar causes hyperactivity; however, research shows that it is not the sugar that causes the hyperactivity but the environment in which it is given.  Halloween is a very exciting time for kids, just the act of collecting all that candy is fuel enough to spark your child’s fuse.  However, when those fireworks go off, all that may be left is a very tired, cranky and miserable child.

Tips to help temper the crash after the fireworks:

  1. Be sure your kids get a good dinner before heading out.  This way they won’t be starved when trick or treating and will be able to hold off until after the collection is done before they eat their loot.  A good dinner should contain a lean protein such as chicken, fish or meat, egg, nuts or legumes.  It should also have a couple different colored vegetables.  Aim for one green and one orange vegetable each day.  For long lasting fuel a whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa or whole grain pasta is perfect.  And for hydration a glass of milk or soymilk.
  2. Offer some protein when they are snacking on their loot.  Sugar enters the blood stream very quickly and gives a quick source of energy.  However, our bodies are so efficient at using that energy that we end up having a slump and a drop in blood sugars soon after consumption.  To slow the rise and fall of blood sugars find ways to add some protein in with their sugary treats.  Of course chocolate bars with nuts will work, or try:

Glass of milk

Handful of nuts

Fruit and yogurt smoothies

Sliced ham or turkey rolled up for easy consumption

Slice of cheese

  1. Pay attention to the time.  Some major meltdowns are just because the kids are tired and are up way past their bedtime.  Let them have some time sorting their candies and eating what they like and then start the bedtime routine, brush teeth and get them to bed.  You will all be thankful in the morning.


Managing the sugar rush at Halloween Managing the sugar rush at Halloween Managing the sugar rush at Halloween Managing the sugar rush at Halloween