Seasonal Eats: What's in for Fall?

If you’re a frequent Fresh St. Market visitor, you know that fresh and local is our bread and butter – our meat and potatoes. We do our best to fill our store with great food.

Keeping things local supports farmers from B.C. and ensures that the produce, meats, and seafood you enjoy are as fresh as possible. But if you like to think locally, you should also think seasonally. 

It’s Good For Local Business

Buying seasonal foods means you’re buying from your neighbours. Produce, meat, and seafood have their time of the year, and that’s when local farmers and suppliers sell them. Buying more produce that’s in season is a good way to support the home team.  

It’s Good for You

Eating seasonally means eating fresh. Local, in-season food is usually a stone’s throw away (or within 100 km, in B.C.), so it is fresher and has more nutrients than food that's travelled farther. So when you eat seasonally you are getting more out of your groceries. And who wouldn’t want that?


Here are some in-season options that are ripe for the picking and bursting with healthy benefits:


It's perfect timing that apples come in season when school returns! Apples make the perfect snack, whether sliced or whole. They are relatively low in calories while high in fibre, which makes them perfect for those who are watching their weight.


Can we hear you say, "squash goals!" Truly versatile, you can use it in soup (think butternut squash), a substitute for noodles (hence the name spaghetti squash) or enjoy it roasted, baked, steamed etc. The options are endless! Aside from being delicious, they're also nutritious and are a great source for vitamins. 


Cranberries are high in Vitamin C, fiber, Vitamin E, and antioxidants. But what’s truly unique about this tiny berry is the abundance phytonutrients that help prevent disease, promote healthy digestion, and support cardiovascular health. The health benefits list goes on, which is why this is a good time to stock up on the local harvest (not just for Thanksgiving). 

Red and Yellow Onions

Red and yellow onions: so in right now. Both have many health benefits, but red is worth a special mention. The quercetin found in red onions is perfect for fighting and preventing colds and viruses. Good timing because those are almost in season too.

Red and Yellow Potatoes

Go for some colour next time you pick up potatoes; they’re ripe for fall and good for you. The touch of colour in these tasty tots is an indicator of carotenoids, which are great for promoting good health.


It’s pear season too. They are filled with vitamins, and they are particularly well known for being a leading fruit for prevention of type 2 diabetes. So grab them while they’re fresh and juicy. 






Seasonal Eats: What's in for Fall? Seasonal Eats: What's in for Fall? Seasonal Eats: What's in for Fall? Seasonal Eats: What's in for Fall?