Sustainable Holidays

Tis the season to be a bit more sustainable! Here are a few tips you can follow for a more sustainable holiday. 


Buy Less, Bake More
Remember that gifts are a gesture of thoughtfulness and there's nothing more thoughtful than baking treats for your loved ones. Make it extra special and personal by baking cookies, donuts or breads with their initials! 

Create Memories
Plan an experience such as a cooking class, skating lessons, tickets to a special exhibition at a museum... the options are endless! The gift of an experience can bring fun, learning, and memories that hold value for years with a minimal impact on resources.

Acts of Service
Treat your loved one to a service that they wouldn't normally splurge on for themselves. Give them a gift card to that fancy hair salon, a car detailing package, or a gift card to Fresh St. Market so they can treat themselves to their favourite fresh foods!


That collection of Fresh St. Market brown paper bags you have? Use it as wrapping paper! Old newspapers or flyers? Use it as wrapping paper! 

Use plant cuttings such as eucalyptus, herbs like rosemary, pine cones from the park, or dried orange slices to add a little something extra to your wrapped presents. 


LED Lights
LED holiday lights use up to 95% less energy than traditional holiday bulbs. For outdoor holiday lighting, consider solar powered LED lights. 

Turn It Off
Going to sleep? Your lights should go to sleep too, turn it off! It's a waste of energy to keep it on, and it may even be distracting to fall asleep with bright lights. 






Sustainable Holidays Sustainable Holidays Sustainable Holidays Sustainable Holidays