Road Trip

As you head out on your road trip, whether travelling across the country or just within BC, take time to plan ahead for eating & snacking.  Keeping blood sugars stable while travelling can help promote good moods, reduce stress, prevent headaches and maintain your energy.


Be sure to fuel up before you go.  Start with a healthy breakfast that is low in sugar and contains a source of protein.  Great breakfast options include fruit, yogurt and granola, a fruit and Greek yogurt smoothie, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich or peanut butter and banana on toast.

Aim to eat again every 2-3 hours during your trip to prevent low blood sugars.  This can be as simple as mini oranges or a tub of yogurt to banana bread or a healthy muffin.  Try not to munch continuously from an endless supply of sugary or salty snacks.  There are sure to be fun snacks on your vacation, don’t splurge before you get there.

Take Breaks

When possible, take advantage of snack or lunch time to pull over at a rest stop, take a break from driving and stretch your legs.  This is a great time to play a game of tag with the kids or do some quad and calf stretches against a tree trunk.


Staying hydrated throughout the trip is also important.  Have everyone bring their own water bottle in the car with a spare jug for refills.  Go easy on the sugar sweetened beverages and specialty coffees as the calories can add up and they often leave you with a sugar crash.

Grab and Go Snacks

Grapes cut into bunches, cherries, nuts, vegetable sticks and hummus, hard-boiled eggs, crackers and cheese, pretzel sticks, yogurt tubes, granola bars and dried fruit.

Bento boxes are great for kids sitting in the back seat.  You don’t need to keep reaching back to hand them food and it gives them something to do.  Fill them with edamame, blueberries, cucumber rounds, cheerios, dried apricots, cheese cubes and whole grain crackers.

Plan-ahead Snacks

Fruit and yogurt smoothies in travel mugs, pre-portioned train mix with nuts, seeds, dried fruit and cereal, roasted chickpeas, zucchini bread, roasted almonds, raspberry oatmeal muffins or morning glory muffins (see recipe below).

Road Trip Lunch Ideas

Greek Orzo salad in a mason jar, fruit parfait or overnight oats in a mason jar, wraps with cream cheese and veggies or peanut butter and banana or individually wrapped sandwiches.

Wherever you are off to this summer, stay well fueled and hydrated and drive safely.

Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip