Come in, say hi to our bakers and ask them anything.



Make Friends with a Baker

Come into your local bakery, say hi to our bakers and ask them anything. They’ll bake or decorate a cake for you, find you an interesting specialty bread, share a recipe, or a sample, or talk and talk and talk about their favourite subject: baking—the oven’s fine art. Buttery croissants, organic baguettes and focaccias, fresh hamburger buns and crusty rolls, gluten-free loaves, gourmet cakes, cookies, tarts and cupcakes. Oh yes, and Mile High Cinnamon Buns. We bake them fresh throughout every day. Right now, there’s probably something that’s just come out of the oven. We tip a floppy baker’s hat to some of the finest baked local goods like Terra Breads, Portofino Bakery and more. Finally, you've got to try our signature hot cookie, The Ultimate Cookie – made with pure Belgium chocolate, fresh creamery butter and California walnuts. 

Product List

  • Our signature hot cookie – served warm
  • Mile High Cinnamon buns – baked fresh instore
  • Signature Bavarian Pretzel – baked fresh instore every day
  • 9” Cyrus o Leary Pies (with 80% fruit content)
  • A selection of Cookies and Muffins – baked fresh instore
  • Instore Made Brownies and Loaf Cakes
  • A wide variety of cakes made by our instore cake decorators
  • Local artisan bakery items – including Terra Breads, La Baguette, Portofino Bakery, Artisan Bake Shop
  • Many local vegan, gluten free and other specialty items
  • Solasta Chocolates
  • Kitchening & Co Macarons
  • Sweet Art Bakery
  • Dough-to-go: bread, bun, and pizza dough, available for you to bake yourself at home