"I've always been a candy lover and as a health coach, I wanted to teach my clients the value of healthy eating, while also having little fun along the way! From working with clients of all walks of life, it was clear candy was a common barrier to sustaining healthy lifestyles. There had to be more healthier candy options for everyone to enjoy, without the added sugar or animal gelatin. That's why I created YUMY BEAR, a delicious low-sugar candy made with plant-based goodness, naturally sweetened and only 3 grams of sugar per bag. With YUMY BEAR, you can feel good about eating candy!" - Erica Williams, Yumy Bear Founder & CEO 



Jade Herrmann is the founder and CEO of @yoggu.foods. Inspired by the French tradition of beautiful, flavour-full dairy products, Yoggu is the alt yogurt of your dreams. Every jar is super probiotic, dairy¬≠free and refined sugar free! #DoYourGutSomeGood 



Sarah is a nutritionist, serial entrepreneur, and lover of snacks. Sarah made kiwi chips for many years for outdoor adventures and was always told by people who tried them that they had never seen anything like them before. So simple, yet so tasty. After hearing years of these reviews, Sarah set out to build a company to bring these tasty snacks to the market. Chiwis is passionate about the kiwi because kiwis are a vastly underused superfruit that has so many nutrients packed into a perfect little package, and when made with the super special Chiwis method, they taste like healthy sour patch kids! 



Frustrated with the lack of clean, healthy convenient food options, this driven duo took it into their own hands to create a product that supported health-conscious person's everyday needs no matter how packed their schedule may be. 


"I first discovered popped lotus seeds when I was a little girl growing up in India. My quest to find the perfect snack kept bringing me back to the one of my childhood and I felt compelled to create Sacred Foods."