Cherry Love

Cherries are a summertime favourite and we love when local cherry season rolls around! Here's all you'll need to know about the sweet & vibrant fruit!


Nutrition Facts

Often dubbed as a "superfood" for being loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. This may help with reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases and will promote overall health.

Cherries are also rich in other nutrients such as potassium, vitamin c, fibre & more. Fun fact! Cherries are also one of the few fruits that contain melatonin, which helps to regulate sleep! 


Buying Tips

A good indicator of freshness of cherries is by looking at the stem! If they're green, great. If they're brown and brittle, not so much. And of course look at the fruit itself, if it's shiny and plump, that's a winner! 


Storage Tips

Keep cherries unwashed with stems attached in a paper bag, loosely covered container, or a loosely closed plastic bag and keep in your refrigerator. This will help them last for about a week! If you want your cherries to last longer, you can freeze them (wash and pit first). 


How to Pit Cherries

  1. Chopstick Method: Remove the stem then insert the small side of a chopstick into the stem-hole and poke through until the pit comes out
  2. Knife Method: Carefully slice the cherry in half using your knife, similar to how you would slice a peach or an avocado to pit. Then carefully use the tip of your knife to poke out the pit. 
  3. Paperclip Method: Using a clean paperclip, bend it so that it turns into an "S" shape. Stick the end into the stem-hole of a cherry and scoop out 
  4. Hands-On Method: Simply use your fingers to tear them apart and take out the pit 

Whichever method you use, we recommend wearing gloves as your hands will be dyed a bright pink! 


Eating Cherries

Here are some great ways to enjoy cherries: 

  • on its own! - no explanation needed
  • with ice cream - add some pitted cherries to your bowl of ice cream, whether it's vanilla, chocolate, etc. You'll find that cherries add a little something extra 
  • in a salad - add pitted cherries to a fresh salad for some bursts of juicy sweetness 
  • baked in a pie or crumble - check out this recipe
  • with overnight oats - whether you mix it in or serve fresh cherries on top, you'll love it!




Cherry Love Cherry Love Cherry Love Cherry Love